Michele Lostia interprets the designs of Leonardo da Vinci with a post modern creation lying between art and design. A man of sperienza the famous rinascemental artist represented the feasability of flight with manual graphics.
Lostia brings all this to life, impressing the turbulance of time and the use of a dynamic technology to trace the measure of space.
The design of his work happily disposes of any suggestion of sfumato, but demostrates his interpretation ready for variation. Also for Michele Lostia art is a question of the mind.

Achille Bonito Oliva

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Electronic art cafe
Achille Bonito Oliva e Umberto Scrocca

Palazzo Reale Milan

Curated by Umberto Scrocca


Works by Isabella Vismara
Vdeo by Michele Lostia and Sergio Picciaredda


Sunday 22 Avril from 19.30

Organization Spirale Milano

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